Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Andrew Bolt Day draws to a close, and the purple ribbons are tucked away in the drawer for June 3rd 2010

More than a few tears were shed as we on this site honored one of the most significant days on the Gregorian calendar. 

While we can't actually manage to read him, isn't it grand that First Dog in the Moon has declared a day in honor of Andrew Bolt. Did you wear the purple today? And no, being Irish doesn't allow you to protest you were wearing the green. Or if in Belfast the orange. June the 3rd, purple ribbon day. So many proud people celebrating such a good day, a noble and just and worthy day, full of brave deeds and heroic remembrances. And to prove the point? A few lovers of purple ...

Don't have a clue what wearing the proud purple is all about? Well it's almost over, but here we're a bit light headed with joy at such a  rain sodden joyous day in Sydney, as our thoughts shift to Melbourne columnists and the state of origin.

For the full story, check out First Dog on the Moon here, and how he almost won the culture wars single handedly. But remember - don't be a piker, soursob and spoilsport next year - First Dog and your country needs you.

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gr8wealth said...

Is there any truth in the rumour that Andrew Bolt, spurred on by the success of his own "National Day", will now seek a safe seat in Victoria and be launching a Liberal Prime Minister at the next election. Tony Motoring Tips