Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paul Sheehan, curry bashing and getting the racist blame right

What's the best way to prove that Australia is a tolerant society without a racist bone in its collective body?

Why it's to bash the aborigines and the Pacific Islands and the Asians and the gentlemen of Middle Eastern appearance as the cause of all the recent trouble with Indians being bashed up on trains and in the streets.

Sure there might be the odd white in this polyglot mix of urban violence, but truth to tell, and it's a dark secret that no one dares to speak,  the whites are generally innocent bystanders. The only thing they do is beat up the Indians at cricket, though they do seem to have trouble with Sri Lankans.

So who to set the record straight? Why Paul Sheehan of course in Brutal truth about attacks.

... the distorted story of white racism has been helped along by the prevailing sensibilities of reporting of crime in Australia, with skittishness about detailing the gritty reality that most violent street crime in Sydney and Melbourne is not committed by whites. The prison populations confirm this.

Yep, they're full of blacks and Asians, and not to put too fine a point on it, wogs. Violent street crimes by whites? Moi? Sacre blue, digger, what an incroyable charge.

So it's nothing to do with whites really, this spate of attacks on Indians. It's the wogs, or as we like to call them, people of proverbial Middle Eastern appearance.

The most recent attacks, in Harris Park this week, allegedly involved assailants of the proverbial "Middle Eastern appearance". The assault on Monday night was followed by a retaliatory attack by a big group of Indians. Police said three men "of Middle Eastern appearance" were set upon in Harris Park after about 200 Indian men converged on the street after hearing of the latest attack. In Melbourne, an assault on an Indian student on a train was recorded on video and footage depicting the attack was posted on YouTube. The video shows a swarm of young men robbing and repeatedly attacking the student. Most of them do not appear to be white.

The bloody wogs taking down the curry eaters, and then with the cheek to blame the whites. But of course it isn't just the wogs. It's the bloody blacks.

A recent assault on an Indian student in Glebe was committed by a young offender described as Aboriginal. Sydney University is bounded on the east and west by Glebe and Redfern and both have crime hot spots involving Aboriginal communities.

It's about time we had the whites out on the streets protesting their innocence. Statistical analysis of the situation? What's that? At least when you can just stir the pot with anecdotes of any vilifying kind that come to mind.

Um, but is it okay to call an attack on Indians as a group racist, given that everybody seems to be picking on them and bashing them up - even the occasional Caucasian? You know, don't just focus on the ethnicity of the attackers, which might vary from crime to crime, but focus on the ethnicity of those being attacked?  Sure thing:

The ethnicity of the attackers thus varies from crime to crime. The police are telling the truth when they describe the attacks as largely motivated by opportunism, because Indian students work late at night, live in lower-cost neighbourhoods, and are regarded as soft targets.

It is also true that Indians have been targeted, hence the demonstration by about 1000 Indian students in Melbourne 10 days ago, and this week's eruption by hundreds of Indian men in Harris Park, which has Sydney's largest concentration of Indian residents. The suburb has experienced a spate of attacks on Indians in recent months.

Um, so Indians are being collectively targeted, and so understandably as a group have decided to do something about it, by getting mad as hell and throwing open the window and shouting about it. Now remind me again of the problem?

Another bashing of an Indian student, another angry demonstration by fed-up Indian residents, another brick in the wall of the misconception that Indians in this country have become the frequent victims of violent white racism.

Violent white racism? Never! Sure some wags might have invented the term curry bashing to describe a night on the town having fun bashing up an Indian or two, given there's no poofters to hand for a bit of poofter bashing. But really that's just a harmless jape amongst chums. We all love to eat curry.

Oh okay, how's this for a re-wording?

Another bashing of an Indian student, another angry demonstration by fed-up Indian residents, another brick in the wall of the conception that Indians in this country have become the frequent victims of violent Asian, Middle Eastern, Aboriginal, and Pacific Islander racism.

So  please get it right. It's the gooks and the chinks and the wogs and the spics and the dagoes and the kanakas and the blacks.

Whites? Innocent as the driven snow. And certainly not racist.

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