Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prince Charles, a crowned republic, an activist king in waiting, and good news for monarchist climate change sceptics

As vice regal news, or even regal news, seems to have slipped from its once secure possie (that's Oz for position or location) in The Sydney Morning Herald, and other one time sycophantic servants of the eastern suburbs and the British monarchy, it behooves other citizens to keep track of monarchist hi jinks.

Which is why it's splendid news that The Sun is reporting that Prince Charles is costing 25% more to keep in a year, while travel costs have risen by almost 50%. (You can read it all here in that esteemed tabloid The Sun with Heir big spender).

Yes, in his bid to save the world, Charlie me darling's clocked up over 50,000 miles by air and rail, while the total on the tape for travel has jumped from £1,157,000 to £1,710,000.

Over a cool mill went to shipping the aspirational tampon and his entourage from Britain to Japan, Brunei and Indonesia last November, and to South America in March.

Naturally, as any climate change fearing monarch in waiting would do, at least those blessed with a keen sense of zealous puritanism and economical environmentally aware abstemiousness, the tours were conducted by private jet.

Fortunately as a crowned "Republic" Australians are sheltered from the worst excesses of their monarch in waiting (and two bob for anyone who can explain the true meaning of a crowned republic without collapsing in fits of laughter or referring us to David Flint), but the news has stirred some ire in the Prince's loyal British subjects.

Especially the news that he managed to pocket close on sixteen and a half mill in pay, while managing to reduce his tax bill by a handy margin.

And while his full-time staff rose by six to a record 125, his household still managed to cut its CO2 emissions, from 2,795 tonnes to 2,601. And his Duchy of Cornwall estate is going gang busters even in these recessive times.

Last night his private secretary Sir Michael Peat defended the rise - saying the royal, 60, was "busier than ever" as he campaigns to save the rainforests and champions the fight against climate change.

Sir Michael declared: "While many people would be slowing down, he seems to be going faster and faster. It's easy to underestimate the importance and success of these tours."

The Prince's spokesman Paddy Harverson stressed: "The foreign tours carried out are done so at the request of the Foreign Office." Charles attended a total of 658 official engagements in the pat year.

There is of course a deliciousness here, to see monarchist climate change sceptics squirm as their future king travels around like a big eared loon on a mission from god, while it's just as much fun to watch monarchist environmentalists struggle with the lampooning of the aspirational tampon jetting around the world in private planes imitating Michael Jackson in the greenie cause.

These particular delights can only increase should bonnie Prince Charlie actually ascend the throne, but here I really should add a 'god save the Queen' as a way of delaying the perhaps inevitable moment a little longer.

In the meantime, remember to join in our campaign for a monarchist Australia, and be damned to all those republicans and their anti-monarchist ways. 

And let's not have any of this half-arsed quibbling about a crowned republic. The monarchists got what they wanted, an activist wannabe king waiting in the wings.

Now where's Janet Albrechtsen when you need her to write a damning piece about activist judges and activist kings ...


radical royalist said...

I am all for Bonnie Prince Charlie. How does his and his holdhold's carbon footprint compare to that of PM Brown or PM Rudd?

dorothy parker said...

Splendid news. Maintain the rage. Disdain the republicans, let a Stuart reign again, or at least a Charlie. As for PM Brown, I suspect he's now so deflated, he can't contribute anything but hot air (not much carbon there) while Comrade Rudd only drives a humble Mazda ute (the cheapskate).