Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mark Sanford, Maria, R B Greaves and rascally politicians

A big shout out to rascally politicians everywhere, and especially to puritans who think that somehow politicians aren't human. Or that humans aren't human. Or even worse, that humans shouldn't be human.

What a pity we no longer have the good old days of John F. Kennedy, where a discreet curtain came down over his private life, which just happened to hide a kind of tom cattery that makes Bill Clinton look like a dull piece of tom foolery. As noted below, I blame (a) John Calvin (b) the puritans (c) anyone else who thinks the private lives of politicians should be grist to the tabloid mill.

Except of course when the politician involved has made a big deal about another politician's fornicating ways. As did Governor Mark Sanford, of South Carolina, calling Bill Clinton a rascal and voting for his impeachment and making a big fuss about his dishonesty and untrustworthiness.

Bizarre. If you live in a glass house, beware of throwing the first stone, because a few will bounce back, especially if you admit to flying off to Argentina for an assignation. Already the first steamy emails have emerged (E-mails between Sanford and 'Maria' emerge).

Ah well, it's the price you pay for playing to the Christian constituency, never short of an urge to tom cattery between the prayers.

Why did I suddenly recall R. B. Greaves' song sweet song Take a Letter Maria, which went to number 2 on the Billboard hot 100 in 1969? No reason, but any nephew of the great Sam Cooke is welcome on loon pond as a cheerful break as a long week draws ever close to TGIF. Don't ya just love the horns and the reel to reel?

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