Friday, June 26, 2009

Monique Blanchard, a name's a name, and who we are at loon pond

Here at loon pond, we're terribly startled, though we suspect the news might leave others limp or inert, given there are so many other things going on in the world.

No, we're not talking about the death of Michael Jackson - vale to the sweet confused lad who could strut and sing with the finest from Motown before he lost his way - we're talking about a visit we had from

The caring things broke into blogger and left us a splendid Flash advertisement. Unfortunately it eluded capture, but we did snatch a couple of keepsakes:

And I guess the answer to the question as to "who are you" is that I'm a loon, with deep thetan problems. But thanks for caring and sharing. And apologies to Monique Blanchard - because you are your name, as a name's a name, in a purely signifying way which enables people to work out a rose is a rose is a rose - but I presume that gained the proper clearance to use your name on the tag as part of the advertisement (Oops, Google tells me there's actually lots of Monique Blanchards. How naughty. If we're not our name, how about using John Smith. Or Tom Jones? And how naughty to advertise the noble business of clearing minds by being naughty with blogger).

And if Loon Pond disappears for awhile, please note there's a likely culprit and normal discourse on loons will resume in due course.

Now if we can only be hacked by the Catholic church and Islamic fundamentalists, we'll have achieved the holy trinity ...

1 comment:

ke said...

I saw this commercial on A&E and had to pause my TiVo when I saw Monique's name.

You see, I actually have a friend named Monique. Monique Blanchard, and she was shocked when my husband and I called her last night to tell her.

"It must be some other Monique," she said.

"No, its Blanchard. B-L-A-N-C-H-A-R-D."