Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bronwyn Bishop, the freaks at Bundanoon, and a burqa led economic recovery

(Above: Bronwyn Bishop glaring and dressing in style).

Lordy, lordy, lordy.

By their sins shall they be known.

Here's this from Bronwyn Bishop in her eloquently titled piece Fair suck of the water bottle:

I am pleased to see the President of France take a hard line on the burqa – that black prison of fabric from head to toe which totally obliterates the human persona of a woman. He has said it is not welcome in France.

Perhaps the time has come to declare the burqa an instrument of harsh and unusual punishment and change the Declaration of Human Rights to have as its first statement – women are human beings not chattels.

Could it be that I am at one with Bishop and Sarkozy? Who was it that said god was a sick surrealist with a Salvador Dali sense of humor? How did this happen? Where did I go wrong?

The rest of her piece for The Punch was happily as mad as a cut snake, and there was no need for me to go there, with her outrage at the banning of bottled water in Bundanoon - she managed to conflate the binge drinking of alcopops with the decision of the locals to use their local water supply, saying it was a sin, illogical and crazy. I guess drinking water for free as opposed to forking out a hefty premium for the pleasure of looking cool, trendy and now is a sin, crazy and illogical, but WTF has that got to do with binge drinking.

That piece of decepticon logic was followed by handy hints for NSW crims (kicking the crime can in the usual Liberal way), along with her desperate attempt to keep utegate alive when not one of her sentient comrades mentions it when they can instead demand immediate action against the Chinese dragon.

It's lovely to see Bronnie still somewhere back in the last century while the debt truck chugs around the nation, and everybody is appalled at the lack of gumption by the government, when all the Ruddster has to do is speak Mandarin and even the gates of hell would open for him.

But one thing she wrote resonated with me:

Euripidies was right – Those whom the Gods destroy they make first mad.

And they make them mad by making them share a prejudice with Bronnie.

Okay, I'm up for it. Bring on the foot binding, bring on the burqa. As D said in his eloquent note:

But what about all those people whose jobs depend on the manufacture of the burqas, supplying the burqas and delivering the product and finally selling the product? Who will think of them?

Yep,  it's time for a burqa led economic revival in this country. And I vote that Bronnie show the way.

(Below: Bronnie on the beach. Note the extensive use of clothing while the men display their lustful inciting love handled naked bodies. Can we learn something from this image?)


HappyReader said...

Just so funny. Along with all your posts, it helps to put some light-heartedness into all the conservative insanity. Long may this blog continue. Thankyou.

dorothy parker said...

well thank you kindly. While it's done for my own stress relief, it's nice if it amuses others. If there's one thing I learned from my mammy, it's that a nice glass of chardonnay, a good fuck and a laugh or two would get you through the day (oh wait that's three things, but I suspect conservatives only indulge in the first two).

Why are conservative commentariat columnists such a dour humorless bunch, always on about the end of the world tomorrow? Better to laugh at them than cry ...