Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tim Blair, Mark Steyn, Anonymity, Freedom, Administrative Tyranny, Live Free or Die, and vile anonymouse netizens

(Above: a recent portrait of the author of this blog, joining with Tim Blair and Mark Steyn in a ringing call to abandon anonymity, fight for freedom, and live free or die).

While on the subject of the humorous Tim Blair, he created consternation in the troops by endorsing Mark Steyn's ringing cry for less anonymity - seems like it's essential everybody is going to have to stand up under their own names, or they will lose their freedoms to an administrative tyranny. Live free or die! - see Name Names. 

First up was a comment from that brave fighter against tyranny timbo of smike, who asked Do names really matter?

Then daddy dave pointed out that everybody was out to get him (and the rest of us), to which Matthew Newton - surely not the Matthew Newton - led a cry of cowardice, only to be cut down by Habib reminding the old bean that speaking out in the ADF was a chargeable offence. 

Then lots of other brave souls chipped in, all fighting for freedom in their own way. Happy to be Here, hayesy, ellie, MAGB, Wm Lawrence, Duncan, Infidel Tiger, Brett_McS of Newcastle, Regional of Country NSW, Sparrow, anon of adelaide, and smike of smike all chipped in to show they were ready to die for freedom, but strangely not all of them thought anonymity was a good idea.

Gee Tim that legendary band of freedom fighters lurking behind you and Mark Steyn look kinda shadowy right at the moment, lacking a little, more a kind of Ghost Whisperer band of brothers.

Or maybe you and Mark Steyn were just being silly, with the call to live free or die being doubly silly vanilla ice cream on a cone, with a cherry on top.

By the way, don't think you can leave a whimsical, smart arse anonymouse comment about this clarion call to freedom on this site. We have a direct telephone line to intertubes reformer Stephen Conroy, and he will have you done over on a charge of failing to be a freedom fighter quicker than you can flash porn in his face to distract him.


anonymouse said...

I can only assume this entire post is intended to be ironic, since you're writing under a pseudonym yourself.

dorothy parker said...

Sharp as a tack anonymouse. Splendid insight. And thanks for joining my band of noble kung fu pandas fighting for the right to stay anonymous.