Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marrickville Council, No Advertising Material Here, Just a little council advertisement and Maximum Waste

Readers with all but the most alarming and weird interest in local parish pump absurdities should close their eyes, or head off to a decent right wing blog for a proper loon fix. It's confession time.

Every so often I have an alarming desire to turn into a right wing ranter. It has to be more satisfying than trying to be a moderate, turn the cheek loon ready to hear all sides of an argument.

It's a lot simpler just to blame the government for everything, and in Australia, with our three tiered, federal government Darth Vader overlords, our state legislative blatherers, and our local council ditherers consisting seemingly of real estate agents after a deal, there's an almost daily supply of ammunition.

Now hopefully the pious blather from Marrickville Council above is readable enough. It's the usual stuff about saving the world from junk mail, and it was found amongst a heap of junk mail and probably delivered by the same junk mail firm that delivered the rest of the binnables. The helpful council also enclosed a sign  for use on the letter box to deter the marauding bandits of global wastage. 

A sign saying "No Advertising Material", with an advertisement for Marrickville Council in the bottom left hand corner - what we might call branding or market awareness badging and exposure to a captured, irritated demographic. 

Perhaps they thought that putting their name on it would somehow be like voodoo magic and make their sticker work better than the sign I already have, which is much larger and more authoritative looking than the council sticker, and therefore ignored every day. 

I threw the Marrickville council sticker in the bin, thereby helping with their logo 'maximum waste, minimum recovery'. Now how do I get on a bugger off Marrickville council mailing list?

Hey ho, another few trees just died today. So many loons in the world, so little time. So it goes.

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