Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tim Blair, Serenity, Joss Whedon, Obama, the Operative and let's be bad, let's blow the mf's away

(Above: eek, an Obama-like operative in Serenity. Quick, call Tim Blair and his mad as cut snakes buddies to find out what to do).

What sort of fucked up fantasy life does Tim Blair live?

First he references a loon blogger, who quotes approvingly a tepid movie by Joss Whedon, incorrectly, about hired muscle cocking a shotgun menacingly and suggesting "Let's be bad guys". (The sort of line you usually see on logo-enhanced T shirts worn by insecure teenagers with big pimples and small dicks).

"Yes. Exactly. Let's.", says Macho Tim approvingly, probably never having cocked or fired a gun in anger ever since his hero John Howard fucked over the gun laws in this country. (You know Tim it's been a real hassle to hang on to guns ever since Howard. If you're such a libertarian, why don't you do something about it. Run a campaign).

But what the fuck does he mean? What does exactly mean? Get out a shotgun or a machine pistol and starting shooting down lefties or greenies? Or is it all a metaphor?

The meaning's not obscure to some. Not to his deluded cronies in the comments section. One wants them all to become Nazis. Another fuckwit thinks "Josh" Whedon toes the conservative line. News flash. Whedon identifies as feminist and atheist and existentialist, and likes to cite Jean-Paul Sartre as an inspiration. Whedon also calls himself a humanist and has even accepted a lifetime achievement award in cultural humanism (ceremony April 10, 2009). You only have to look on the intertubes, you hopeless dumb dipstick.

And of course one turd blossom inevitably brings in Obama, as the well dressed, well spoken dude with the sword. So we be bad guys and blow Obama away?

What the fuck? What a sick bunch of fuckers. A bit like the kids bullied in the schoolyard fantasizing about payback and blowing the mother fucker bullies away. You know in black trench coats with pistols.

Blair's always been a smarmy, snide, evasive, furtive gadfly, relying on others to do his dirty work. Sometimes he lets down his guard with a stupid comment, and the fully horsehit, fly blown nature of his thinking creeps out into the sunshine.

He sure knows how to dog whistle to his loon mates. It's just a pity he doesn't know how to pick up the dog shit when it gets smeared all over his blog.

Serenity's just a movie guys. In this country guns are for blowing away bunnies and 'roos. Nazis were murdering swine.

The joke is Whedon devised the show so that pick and chose liberals and conservatives could take what they wanted from the show and he'd make more money. Don't believe me? Read him, you dumb loons.

And by the way, steroid rage is bad for you, along with ignorance of movies. Take a valium, drop an e, and go into a dark space, to chill out, like mushrooms. Second thoughts, why not eat the mushrooms? Like Alice, you might enter a new time space continuum in your peculiar minds.

Go here for a detailed interview with Whedon. Go here for a Wikipedia profile of Whedon. Why are all the loons on Tim Blair's blog like Clive Hamilton, pathologically inept and fearful of the riches the intertubes have to offer?

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