Friday, March 13, 2009

Caroline Overington, Swearing, the foul Abbott, and the way swearing leads to homicide

It's rare that we drop in on Madam Caroline Overington, who inhabits a quiet section of The Australian's loon pond, and rarely steps out after her grand role in the last election campaign.

But it caught my eye that she was clucking her tongue over Tony Abbott swearing at Nicola Roxon, just as Tony's foaming at teenagers swearing on trains. (Pooping and peeing on the TV). That allows Caroline to re-visit Kevin Rudd devilishly and deliberately saying shit-storm on national television, followed by Maxine McKew using a 'p' word on ABC TV's Q and A. (But not a word about Underbelly. Dearie me, it must be losing its grunt).

I guess swearing is so much worse than a 'closed whack' to the head, or an 'open-handed push', call it what you will, in this civil, vigorous democracy we so love.

All the naughty word use allows Caroline her capper: I suppose the cussing and cursing doesn't matter, unless of course you've got some old-fashioned idea that civility underpins society ... in which case, we're probably f$%&ed. (Caroline somehow couldn't manage to type in the word fartleked, an obscure form of Swedish exercise, though how that means we're fucked beats me).

The dear thing was trolling for loon company, and boy did she get them (question is, what moniker did Clive Hamilton use when anonymously rabbiting on about the lack of civility in the land?) 

Bemoaning the state of Britain and commoners like Gordon Ramsey, pen pal Lisa noted: If vulgarity is the barometer of civility it is no coincidence that England's homicide recently surpassed the US.

So beware. A loose swearword could turn you into a killer. Come to think of it, Tony Abbott swears, and stalks the trains. Quick, hide the silver ware, tuck the children under the bed, take that flick knife off him.

So many loons, so little time. Come back Kenny, this country needs a little shit-carting.

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