Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tim Blair, Gay Jokes, Earth Hour, Fey Blair jokes and a right wing sensa huma

Tim Blair's a loon, but sometimes he's just a gadfly loon referencing snippets from all over the place for a cheap laugh. Cue Pure Poison thanking him for telling them that soccer is gay. Clearly the contributor didn't click through on the Blair link, which connects to the SMH's Matthew Hall actually making the cheap gay joke about the Socceroos turning off the lights for Earth Hour:

What better way to spend a Saturday night before the upcoming World Cup qualifying match with Uzbekistan than a romantic candle-lit dinner with Pim Verbeek, Harry Kewell and 30 other men? What's that? Oh.

Yep, not only is the SMH a prime Earth Hour wanker, they like poofter jokes. Free kick to Blair. He shoots, and scores in the corner.

How much better if they'd taken a potshot at Blair's truly terrible sense of humor, which led him to devise all sorts of new comical names  for bikie gangs for his feature piece in the Saturday Terror. These government-approved replacements for Hells Angels, The Bandidos, The Rebels and so on are remarkably unfunny, and range from The Petersham Power Lispers through Cuter in Chiffon to The Slim-Hipped Bachelors, The Cloth Napkins, Plus-Sized Lingerie, The Fabric Softeners, Pass The Chafing Gel, The Sous Chefs and the Dunny Boyz. (Gangs Fixed).

Tim likes The Crystal Lyrca and Lace Cuddle Fellowship tag so well he repeats it twice. And enhances The Cloth Napkins joke with a reference to a bloody confrontation at Sydney airport.

Fucking hilarious, but I do sometimes wonder why right wingers demonstrate absolutely no sense of humor. Is it because the last time they were inside a woman, it was when they went to the Statue of Liberty? (apologies to Woody Allen, apologies to all, it's a slow Sunday in hell if you spend more than a moment looking at Tim Blair jokes).

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