Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stephen Conroy and the never ending battle against vile pornography, communism and homosexuality


Urgent. Attention Stephen Conroy. Please watch this video at once. Perverts are stalking the intertubes for profit, and independent Nick Xenophon threatens to scuttle your wonderful, compulsory country wide intertubes filtering censorship system. 

Okay, it's an oldie, but a goldie, and I was amazed my partner had never seen it. Perversion for Profit was financed in 1965 by Charles Keating, who later helped bring the world the Savings and Loan scandal. It seems there's a direct link between anti-porn crusaders and corrupt capitalism, but never no mind, banning porn is a noble undertaking, especially as porn is conclusively linked to weakening resistance to communism and homosexuality. You can pick up part two on YouTube or the Internet Archive if you like this kind of jolly stuff.

Meantime, it stands as a potent warning to Conroy that much remains to be done. Prophylactics are needed, and we're not talking condoms. Or maybe we are. Think of Stephen's intertubes filter as a giant condom covering this entire wonderful country, so we can lie beneath it detumescent and calm and safe.

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