Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Adam Walters, hapless bus drivers, malignant unions and Featherless Chooks in freefall flight

It seems one time Morris Iemma spin doctor Adam Walters - we presume it's the same happy chappie - is now reduced to catching the bus, if his whingeing bit of union and bus driver bashing in the Daily Terror, Not all's well on the buses, is anything to go by.

Oh it's all the union's fault for the state of Sydney buses, a bit like the way the dipstick columns in the Daily Terror are all the fault of the dipstick journalists. Why, the drivers are so grumpy they don't even doff their lid in an ever so humble way, and say a hearty, cheerful thanks to the noble Walters when he blesses in a papal way these hearty yeoman for their good work manoeuvring their way through beastly Sydney traffic. 

"Oh I say ever so well done", says the kind hearted Walters, only to be greeted with "fuck off loon" from the recalcitrant driver. I can't remember this sort of thing going down when Noddy and Big Ears set off an adventure.

Yep, it's all the fault of the union we still don't have a ticketing system that can be used on bus, train and ferry. Nothing to do with the state government. Nothing to do with Maurice and his policy of hiring consultant loons.

My thought? Wouldn't it be fun, after working in a circus full of clowns, if the ever so humble Walters got out into the world, took a bus driver's course, and found out what it was actually like to drive in the madness of Sydney traffic with a rather large vehicle - seeing as how he's such a strategic thinker and a serial abuser of ungrateful bus drivers.

Last I heard Walters was supposed to be co-authoring a book with Michael Costa. What a fine pair of featherless chooks. Now it seems he's washed up like beach-side driftwood back at the Daily Terror, where he started his metropolitan rounds way back when.

The sooner the Labor party is kicked out of government in NSW, and the sooner we can start banning bikinis and offensive Andy Warhol art, the better. But will the buses run on time? Well they never did under Costa.

And while we're at it, can we ban gratuitously offensive, humbugging columnists happy to do a bit of two by four, baseball bat bashing of the unions in classic right wing loon Labor party style? Get thee gone Adam Walters. And if there's someone else out there called Adam Walters writing abusive columns for the Daily Terror, well bless my socks, and may the lord have pity on you.

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