Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tim Blair, Decapitation, and Sickness at the heart of News Limited

You might not have caught up with the vile nonsense going on at Tim Blair's blog, and his obsession with Muslim decapitation.

Here's this from his fan Toiling Mass, whom I suspect should be called Trolling Mass, in response to yet another Blair mention of a crime involving decapitation:

Decapitation is a lengthy and specific process. They don't just cut till the person stops moving, they do it until they complete the decapitation through some pretty tough tissue, I should think. This is not just rage, this is a learned ritual. That is the hallmark of sociopathic killer in movies.

What kind of twisted animal would do that? What kind of upbringing instils it?

Learned ritual? Kind of upbringing? The same learned ritual and kind of upbringing, you dumb cluck, as the sick Queenslanders who cut off the head of their victim and used it as a bowling ball, the same as the dumb cluck Wollongong possum who cut off the head of his 19 year old female victim, and pretended nothing had ever happened, and it had nothing to do with him? As shown on Channel Nine in Crime Investigation Australia (the episode is even entitled Headless Body: The Kim Barry Murder), and financed originally by that wonderful Murdoch channel called Fox. 

Yes, we have decapitation of men and women in Australia, and sometimes it doesn't involve Muslims. Well lawdy, lawdy, do tell, you mean them folks ain't responsible for all the crime in this here fair land. All the same, I can tell a lynching might be in order for them barbarians. Just like we'se did to those slanty eyed Japs and their beheading samurai swords during World War II - but somehow now I'm driving a Honda? Or a Toyata? Or a Mazda? Go figure.

I'm beginning to think that someone needs to take a serious look at Blair's serial abuse of Muslims, with him and his trolls tarring all Muslims with his decapitation phobia - as if somehow wife abuse, decapitation, serial killing, and abuse of women is an Islamic invention. (A while ago it was all the fault of the Hollywood elite, and films like Seven).

There's no doubt about it, for sheer dumb cluck perversity and Islam bashing, nothing beats a dip into the cesspool known as the Tim Blair blog.

I mean, I don't like Islamic fundies any more than I like Christian fundies, but this is so far out there, it's like an acid trip gone seriously wrong. Is Blair bidding to become the maddest of the mad by whipping up an Islamic decapitation frenzy in his tribe? Is he pitching Muhammad: portrait of a decapitating serial killer, as opposed to Henry: portrait of a serial killer, as the next Hollywood vehicle for Twentieth Century Fox, part of the esteemed and wonderful News Limited tribe? 

What a sick puppy, but how much sicker are his followers. They like to hunt in packs, but really they're little short of rabid dogs. Take a needle with an antidote if you venture anywhere near them. I guess the indigenous folk throughout the land should be happy - less time for talk of child abuse as an innate part of the culture, if you have to spend all your energy contemplating the mysteries of Islamic decapitation.

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