Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miranda Devine, the SMH, subbie humor and Barbie is a slut

By the way, following the piece below about ladettes, a kindly reader pointed out the SMH splash on the front page online as a pointer to Miranda the Devine's column bemoaning toxic modern culture. 

Thanks for that. Yes I did miss the best bit of the story. Was some subbie sending poor old Miranda up shitless, or is this just the way SMH sees fairy stories about ladettes becoming ladies, and Miranda's woeful tale about toxic culture? By labeling women as barbies and sluts? Talk about sexist and laughable.

Poor old Lisa Simpon must be spinning in her grave. By the way, I know you'll want to re-use the SMH jpg for your dissertation on feminism in a post-modernist toxic culture, and the redemptive capabilities of fairy tales, sewing, ironing, modesty, femininity, cooking, serving tea, walking with poise, speaking politely, and above all, wearing tweed suits, so here it is below ready to be dragged to your machine (well at least you trendy Mac folk can do the drag). 

I've even left the SMH title "raunchfront" on the actual jpg, so you can chortle along with the subbies. You know as in raunch along with nice navel barbie slut.

Ah Miranda, Miranda, you really don't have a clue, do you? Go write for Zoo, at least its raunch is out front, and really quite posh.

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