Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Peter Costello, Going Green, Nuclear Energy, the rapture and god power

Is Peter Costello's rant in the Fairfax rags today a covert way of bringing the rapture forward? You know, his latest scribble, wherein the tired old loon comes out of his den, pretends he isn't sulking and flaunts his god-given insights into the world. 

Going green must involve going nuclear is the sermon for the day, and it's full of the specious logic and pious platitudes we've come to expect from the flabby Pete (thank you John Howard oh thank you for what you did to him. Can you come out of retirement and do it again?)

What the heck does old Petey boy want to go green for? There must be a hidden agenda. There has to be something fishy at work behind the arras. Remember god's hand moves in mysterious ways.

Here's what I think Petey boy and his fundie friends are thinking. First install the nuclear reactors, then boom, meltdown, all the way to China, and by the grace of god, we'll all be in her hands with an eternity of singing along with the good folks from Catch the Fire ministries. 

Well Petey boy will, but you port-oids, feminists, poofters, Satanists and ne'er do wells can look forward to a lifetime of hell (and life in hell runs a pretty long time. Hmmn wonder if the devil has embraced nuclear energy as a forward thinking way of guarding against dwindling coal resources? Or has she set up shop inside nuclear powered stars, franchised around the galaxy as 'Hell Holes for Hell Souls'?)

Peter, Peter, new thinking in the Liberal party. Global warming is a myth, even if we could do anything to stop it, we can't afford to, and anything we do do will have nil impact (you know, that do do like voodoo, the thing that you do do). 

Let's just keep shipping that coal to China and burning the rest here. We're so looking forward to the new beach at Marrickville metro.

By the way, the loon has the cheek to link 1990 base level emission cuts to communist privatisation and the wonders of Margaret Thatcher closing all down the coalmines. Well we know that won't happen here Peter. Margaret had way more balls than you - sometimes given your somnolescent approach to John Howard and politics and the glittering prize I wonder if you've got any balls at all.

Wedging greenies on nuclear power? So naff. Obama embraces nuclear energy? What's he going to do? Sack Homer Simpson and shut down all the 100 plus nuke plants generating 20% of total electric energy consumption overnight?

Try again sometime. Dazzle us with your dazzling, flashy insights into politics. Second thoughts, don't bother, not when you can rock out to Hillsong and sing about the impending second coming of the lord. Nuclear? Meh. We're lighting our house with god power.

PS you know I just so love Petey boy's Australia Day message, I couldn't refrain from giving it another run around - I believe the original YouTube link died a mysterious death. And if you want to read Ross Fitzgerald's demolition of Costello in The Australian, take a look at Costello's hopes should have burned out after sermon.

Scary stuff, Fitzgerald says. Actually, reading Costello on policy issues is now the scary stuff. The sanctimonius gherkin seems to believe what he's saying. To which all I can think to say is Hallelujah brother, go bother god with your insights.

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