Friday, February 20, 2009

Tim Blair, Travis the Chimp, Obama, Monkey jokes and yuk yuk

In his usual clever dick way, gadfly and Daily Terror loonatic Tim Blair provides a link to another loon, who lists the top ten reasons why Travis the Chimp is nothing like President Obama. 

We've moved, in the usual Blair style, from undergraduate humor down to primary school ten year old humor. Well I can go there. Sure the jokes are shyte, but that's the point about telling jokes in the playground. You can demean yourself, as well as the butt of your jokes, and in a more general way, denigrate the sense of humor more refined parts of civilization possess. And feel really good about it. Really clever. Really smart arse.

So here we go, and remember we're chortling about a chimp who ripped off a woman's face before being shot by the cops (what a laugh).

Top Ten Reasons Tim Blair Is Nothing Like Travis The Chimp.

10. Travis liked free bananas, but Blair can only chant tax cuts now, over and over.
9. Travis was less likely to foam at the mouth when biting lefties and greenies.
8. Travis looked disturbed when he ripped off people's faces, Blair favors an evil smirk.
7. Travis preferred to attack old women, while Blair attacks anybody and anything on a daily basis. Women? Heh, bring on the babies.
6. Travis could get through the day without spiteful blogging.
5. Travis used his teeth, Blair prefers a kick to the crutch.
4. Travis knew he needed medical help, and liked Xanax, but Blair doesn't have a clue.
3. Travis had a trainer, Blair doesn't even have a walking harness.
2. Travis had a 70 year old widow for a friend, Blair looks everywhere for enemies.
1. Travis rips out your eyes, Blair blogs your eyes out of your head.

Childish? Absolutely. Time spent doing the list? Ten minutes? Point? Bugger all.

Point of Blair and mate? How funny it is to talk about chimps and President Obama, seeing as how there's a long and honorable tradition in America of calling blacks monkeys. 

Ah boy bring me another mint julep, ah is weary from all o' the laughing and the typing. Yessa sir, yessa massa. Now don't get cheeky boy, you knows I'se just being jocular. Sheesh, you negrahs are awfully sensitive. It's a joke boy, a joke. 

Pardon me if I go outside and throw up. No link. Go to Blair on your own, fully aware of the risk it poses to your humanity.

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