Friday, February 6, 2009

Michael Costa, the ruination of NSW, the sufferings of the Ruddster, and activist neo liberals

Along with its many other sins, The Australian has taken to publishing the rantings of one Michael Costa, formerly treasurer of New South Wales, a man who helpfully guided the state into utter ruination.

He must therefore be something of an expert on economics, and well able to deliver a wonderful and insightful column on the failings of Kevin Rudd. See Rudd on a dangerous, ill-informed crusade if you have the intestinal fortitude.

Frankly I can't stand to write anything much about his seething abuse, since presumably it comes from him being short or envious of the Ruddster. There's nothing like a plucked rooster put out to pasture to produce a fearsome crowing at the rising of the sun.

Let no one mistake me for a Rudd apologist, but having to put up with the likes of Costa and Latham coming out of the woodwork as instant experts ... spare me.

Let's just take one line from Mr. Costa's insightful demolition of the Ruddster essay. "There is nothing more abhorrent for most neo-liberals than activist foreign policy". Say what? So Iraq never happened, Afghanistan was but a dream, the talk of nuking Iran back into the stone ages just a jolly jape amongst chums? Oh wait, that wasn't neo liberal activists. That was George W. Bush, just a simple conservative Republican from Texas and his honest shotgun shooting deputy sheriff Dick Cheney.

Go back to privatising power stations Mr Costa. As for the rest of us, can we get back to our lives and just shuffle along quietly (since rail is helpless and the buses a torture trial designed to turn us into Quasimodos), living as we do in a state where nothing works and your party, with you a key man at the helm, ran it into the ground. 

Move along people, there's nothing of interest or insight here.


Nick D said...

Must check the story I saw somewhere about Bush having bought his ranch just before being elected as President, and now selling it that he's been put out to stud. The neocon in disguise.

dorothy parker said...

Hi Nick,

you can always rely on Crooks and Liars and Daily Kos for that kind of story. See and for a little fun at the Dallas located, gated, until recently white only, cowpoke's new homestead, and his failure to round up Bin Laden, dead or alive.

I'm wondering when Michael Costa will announce he's just a working class lad and retires to a life of luxury in Cessnock. Just wishin' and hopin' and prayin', plannin' and dreamin'.