Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peter Ruehl, useless America cup challenges, the plight of polo and the very rich

Over at The Australian Financial Review, veteran loon Peter Ruehl has had a great idea - why not use some of the Ruddster's A$42 billion to finance another America's Cup challenge?

Come on back Alan Bond, all is forgiven. Sorry, no link because my partner, as an irresponsible member of the Qantas club, five finger discounted the weekend edition (shame, partner, shame), and thankfully the AFR is otherwise behind an impenetrable fiscal barrier on line.

I say thankfully because it stops me reading Peter Ruehl regularly on the back page, thereby having to up my weekly trip to the therapist to a bi-weekly outing (maybe the Ruddster could cash flow me). Ruehl entitled his column Cup challenge cash would be a drop in the ocean, though he sounds a tad confused as to whether he wants a $100,000 or a hundred million for his grand folly.

What can you do? There's the Ruddster copping it from the fat owl for wanting to spend it on insulation and public housing, and there's Ruehl wanting the government to do what the rich can't be fucked doing because of the absurd, obscene expense. Staging a joust for the indigent rich to win an ugly, useless cup. It's a funny old world. 

I say old boy, anyone for suggesting Kevin might fund the Scone polo tournament? These damn horses are getting to be a tad expensive to run, and ever since James took away the Packer money ...

Yes old chap, forget the panem, let the poor eat sponge cake (home brand, passed the expiry date), and we can get back to the circenses.

Meantime isn't it great to know that commentary in the AFR soars to such fiscally rectitudinous, studied seriousness? Myself, I think that old saltie Ruehl's a hot favorite for comedy loon of the year without even trying.

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