Monday, February 9, 2009

Tim Blair, Global Warming and the Victorian Bushfires

In his Daily Terror blog,  Tim Blair lists the terrible casualties and damage caused by the Victorian bushfires - under the header Fire latest.

Perhaps it's time for sober reflection and sympathy for the victims, but shortly thereafter I expect him to tear into Bob Brown, the leftie liberal, global warming loving, tree hugging UK paper The Guardian, and this story suggesting there might be some sort of connection between global warming and the likelihood of more severe episodes in the weather down the track. See Bushfires and global warming: is there a link?

Oh sure, it's full of half baked equivocations and admissions of uncertainty, the sort of thing you'd expect from tut tutting, fowl yard clucking do gooders, but when has an admission of scientific uncertainty ever troubled a terrier like Blair? In these matters, he's more catholic than Tony Blair, more SSPX than the Pope. Go for it Tim, explain how all this uncertainty is just barn yard thinking, and everything's looking really rosy climate wise in the future for this gum tree laden, water deprived, sun baked, tinder dry in summer, incinerator activated continent.

PS late breaking flash news. It's not just The Guardian that's at it, Tim, it's that weird Clive Hamilton at Crikey with Bushfires: Don't mention the c word. (sorry link might stop working because of Crikey's great firewall of China).  But all the same Tim, this is a crisis. I know you've done an update on the fires, and I know you've made a joke about larvatus prodeo (talk about small beer, picayune), but you need to smite the heretics immediately, forthwith and even now. Hamilton's upset all sorts of people, like JamesK who slams the small-minded, vicious and humanity hating leftist thugs who have had the schadenfreude to preach the gospel of AGW over the dead (WTF, AGW, GFC?).

Apparently Andrew Bolt has spoken up (unfortunately I wouldn't know) but you can speak up, and nail these thugs. 

Yes Ironbar Wilson Tuckey has come galloping to the rescue, and it's all the fault of the greens.

But where are you? Sure, Victoria's still burning, but the bickering has started and the the global horsemen of the climate apocalypse are already girding for battle. 

We'd expect some leadership from you, smashing those English twit upstarts at The Guardian and rounding it out with a searing indictment of Hamilton for daring to mention the unmentionable at this early time. GW.

A concern for good taste has never stopped you in the past.

PSS Late late breaking news. Thank the lord you've spoken, Tim, but it's only a cheap, snide, half arsed shot at an American climate activist for using the devastation to make a point. Just like Hurricane Katrina. This needs you to call on the deepest scientific resources that you can muster to demolish all and sundry. Just do it. The warmenists will never give in, and nor should you. Never for a moment should we let science or sanity or moderate consideration of the issues prevail.

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