Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Piers Akerman, greenie policies and vile braying in the bushfire wars

Piers Akerman, aka the fat owl of the remove, has never had any shame, much like his namesake, Billy Bunter. When you bray like a donkey, or become as a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal, shame isn't a quality you want to seek out and put an end to.

So it is that the fat owl can write without shame Rudd stoops as low as greenie policies, berating Kevin Rudd for playing politics with bushfire relief money.

The fat owl then proceeds to play fast and loose politics with the current bushfire crisis by letting loose a raging storm of abuse on greens and green leader Bob Brown. This comes barely after the dust has settled on his comparison of arsonists to terrorists (somehow managing to drag jihadists into it), when in fact arson is a long standing, well known crime, and if it leads to death, with penalties equivalent to murder.

There's no need to get into an hysterical lather about terrorists, but sadly while the bushfires are still raging, the fat owl now manages to get himself into a lather about greenies (a rough equivalent of some greenies getting into a lather about AGW as a cause of this singular event).

The fat owl backs his attack on the greenies with the usual half baked solipsisms he likes to parade as objective perceptions of the world, including no less a history of fire on the continent in ten words or less, which manages to bring Aboriginal Australians into the debate, as if they managed the entire 'wilderness' of Australia by using fire.

How's this for a tasteful sentence: The "green wedge" is now a blackened, crisped monument to those green policies. Evoke any images in your mind?

Green politics are incendiary ...  Like terrorists? Jihadists?

And so on. No room here to speculate on how general trends in the world might be affecting singular events like this, a tacky enough speculation given the fires are still raging, no nothing but a mindless tirade of abuse.

Kevin Rudd made a fool of himself by linking bushfire money to the current argument over the stimulus package.

The fat owl makes a disgrace of himself by his dancing on the graves of victims before the fires are out. It's hard to imagine which is the lower and dumber act, but I'll have to give it to Akerman, because he keeps doing it, thinking that somehow he's speaking the truth while actually just selling newspapers through vile controversy.  That's right, fat owl, you're no better than Kevin Rudd, and may in fact be worse. You stoop as low as Rudd, or maybe even lower, and you don't conquer. You display all the sensitivity of a raving fundamentalist. Live with it.

I'd rather use butcher's paper to wrap my fish and chips, thanks, than buy The Daily Terror. Just saying ...

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