Saturday, February 7, 2009

Michael Costa and the Sound of Silence.

Am I the only one to notice how Michael Costa keeps turning up in Murdoch rags like one of those "whack a gopher" games you once found in arcades before they shifted into glorious 16 bit excitement frenzies.

First The Australian, and then jerking the same chain about the economy in Better to say nothing, PM in The Daily Terror.

Dr. Costa's prescription for the Ruddster: At a minimum, if Rudd cannot say anything positive about the economy he should say nothing.

Like saying nothing is an option for any politician, let alone the Prime Minister of the country? Or worse, the only thing you can say is it's all going to be great in the bye and bye, when we get some of that tasty apple pie in the sky? So all the wingnuts can shoot you down?

What a truly dumb fuck suggestion with which to conclude a dumb fuck column. No wonder NSW is in a profound mess, because if that's the best Costa can do as a columnist, god help us if anybody gave him control of the Treasury gear stick. Oh that's right the Labor party did.

How about taking the same medicine Dr. Costa: At a minimum, if Costa cannot say anything positive about Rudd, the economy, life in general, his onetime erstwhile Labor mates, the heat, global warming, his record as Police Minister, his record as Treasurer, privatising power stations, turning the Hunter Valley into a moonscape so coal can be shipped abroad, or the pleasant way travel allowances can be used to pay off mortgages in Cessnock, why doesn't he just shut the fuck up (or at least say nothing, write nothing, and stop scribbling for Rupert, because it might just send him blind).

Or else I might have go to bed, a vision softly creeping, leaving seeds while I am sleeping, of playing 'whack a gopher' with Costa's dome, and then how will I hear the sound of silence?

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