Friday, February 27, 2009

Tim Blair, Islamic Loons, Non-Islamic Loons, and the days of our loon lives

Over at that very special corner of loon pond where Tim Blair and the loonettes can be guaranteed to whip up a regular storm of loonacy on an hourly, daily, weekly, yearly basis, the head loon is still banging on endlessly about the Islamic TV executive who beheaded his wife.

Not a whisper about the two Queensland guys who knocked off another's head and used it as a bowling ball.

Tim has a crazy idea: how about Islamic men stop bashing women?

Great joke Tim. Does that mean non-Islamic men can carry on doing what comes naturally to the male of the species? By the way Tim when did you stop bashing your wife?

What a feral one eyed dork. Try this crazy idea Tim: how about men stop bashing women? No modifiers required.

And what about this one? How about men stop bashing men? And children. 

You know I'll even throw in a bonus: how about women stop bashing men? Though I have to say this could only a physical thing. Who could give up the notion of verbally bashing Tim Blair? Too hard. Some kind of happy SM thing going on there.

I've got another crazy idea Tim, I know the loons will love it. How about stopping the killing of people, men women and children, as a way of persuading them to your point of view?

I know, I know. Just another deluded secular liberal loon with no grasp of reality or the realpolitik of important alpha-males determined to show the metaphysical size of their cock with their fists or their bombs.

Like sands through the hourglass ... so are the days of our loon lives ... I'm betting the sand will run out before Tim gets round to mentioning vicious killings by non-Islamic killers. Hey ho, so it goes.

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