Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pearson, Turnbull, Costello and Pastor Danny boy, oh Danny boy lovers

Christopher Pearson calls it for Peter Costello - press ganged into the leadership within six months - in his column A mess of Mal's making, which thankfully doesn't mention theology or the holy roman church once.

You see Malcolm there's not much point in being Catholic and bending your knee to the pope when the hard men want a knee capping, a drawing and quartering and a hanging. Oh yes it's get down and dirty time in the Liberal party and amongst right wing loon columnists.

It's all your fault big Mal with your stuck up fancy pants eastern suburbs Sydney ways. I'm with Christopher. Bring on the fundie loving Pastor Danny supporting (well up until that bushfires thingy), prayerful prat Petie boy. We need some entertainment and I've always loved a public hanging. Guy Fawkes, Malcolm Turnbull, whatever. Just make sure there's plenty of blood.

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