Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clive Hamilton, Stephen Conroy and smooth baby bottom smoking

Just thought I'd sneak this in before Clive Hamilton bans the intertubes. Found it while cleaning up some family heirlooms the other day. Must date to before 1938 when Dunhill's purchased the H. L. Savory brand.

Were pipe tobacco smokers kinky or what in the old days? A smoke as smooth as a baby's bottom! What would happen to Bill Henson if he did this sort of thing these days? Lock him up with Lewis Carroll I say. Or have we just become much more childish and knee-jerk reactive these days, whipped up into an hysterical lather by columnists determined to save the children? Should we all settle down and enjoy a good smoke? Sure it kills you. But death is preferable to perversion. Briar or corn cob?

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