Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tim Blair, Bob Ellis, Iago, and Burn Baby Burn

Speaking of Bob Ellis, Tim Blair is sorry Ellis's house burned down long ago, in much the same way you have to suspect as a crocodile is sorry about having to bung on a death roll (he'll never forget that special pen).

Poor flabby Bob breaks Godwin's law by invoking the holocaust, and Blair flails away at him with mockery and raillery. You might want to cast Ellis as Falstaff in a Shakespeare festival, but you have to think that for Blair, the best, maybe only role, would be Iago. Such bile and hatred festering an inch or so below a a thin veneer of civilized discourse.

In other Blair news, he stays solid in the bushfire wars, berating Elizabeth Farrelly in The Sydney Morning Herald for talking about humans in the bush as being 'fuel'. He manages this by comparing the fate of bushfire victims to gays killed by AIDS (in the process somehow thinking the AIDS epidemic is over). 

This is a very strange analogy - it seems living in the bush is somehow like going to a bath house for a blow job. Or maybe Blair means to say that bushfire victims are a bit like sodomites, anxious to take it up the bum. Or maybe it's just an easy way to slag off gays and greenies and their bath house ways while coming to a modest conclusion - "Burn the trees and let Australians live".

At last - someone has joined my campaign to remove all the gum trees in Australia and concrete over the continent. But Blair doesn't seem to have heard about Christopher Pearson's suggestion that people who want to live in the bush amongst the trees - and thereby become fuel - should be put into specially designed gulags and concentration camps, where if they burn we can all pay never no mind. Surely his solution can co-exist with Tim's desire to burn, baby, burn.

With fire comes heat and smoke, and very little light.

In still more Blair news, he's keeping on and on about the beheading of a Muslim woman in New York. Somehow he sees this as an indictment of mainstream media, of Muslims, and of well meaning liberals because they don't share his obsessive compulsive, ongoing, perverse fascination and titillation. Bizarre. Homicide obsession mingled with Islamophobia is the way forward? Bizarre.

Sydney Confidential, that close kissing cousin to Blair in another part of the paper has the right focus - on the bare tits and raunchy sex scenes in the second Underbelly, where we celebrate our very own gaggle of crooks. But they're just good ol' boys having fun in a Christian climate, a bit of harmless fun amongst chums, and worthy fodder for a network groaning under a burden of debt. 

The Daily Terror also got very excited about an Australian woman kidnapped and raped in Scotland, but as these were apparently people of Eastern European origin (one with a blue raincoat with the words New Zealand written on it) performing the horrendous deeds, and in the climate of a Calvinist culture, don't expect Blair to notice. Perhaps because noticing it would prove nothing except a profound sense of perversity? If only ...

The more I read Blair (and those kindly souls who provide comments to his blogs), the more I think Monty Python has a lot to answer for. There's surrealism, and there's stupidity, but how come we seem to have ended up with surreal stupidity? 

Python! Or as Bob Ellis would say, a pox on the lot of you.

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