Sunday, February 1, 2009

Piers Akerman, Kevin Rudd, the great depression and heart attacks

Over at the Daily Terror (or is it the Sunday Terror?) the fat owl has found time to have an apoplectic heart attack over the Ruddster and his demonising of capitalism.

After all, as the fat owl points out, the depression wasn't ended by Big Government, it was small business that did the job. And Michael Costa, one time NSW treasurer, now looks like a 'reforming giant'.

As well as side-swiping Rudd, the fat owl delivers some lusty blows in the direction of NSW Labor and the state government. 

The fat owl fumes: 

Rudd's whole agenda for the nation is based not on empirical data, on fact-based reality, it is based on ideological theories that should have been euthanased with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

That they are still in existence is a testament to the power of the relics of Marxism who still control the ethos in the nation's major universities.

Cough (sorry, hand over mouth), cough, er fat owl of the remove. Care to explain how Australia has profited, especially during the Howard Years, from the resources boom, driven by demand from China, controlled by the relics of Marxism? Care to comment on the role of China, which should have been euthanased perhaps, in the world economy, and its funding of the American imperium? 

Does it matter if fact-based reality actually resides in an alternate universe?

By the way, the fat owl should beware. Putting out apoplectic, apocalyptic columns can lead to heat stroke as a side result of global warming, or worse, it can lead to a heart attack and treatment in a socialistic, godless, atheistic, heathenish, way too large, anti-small business, non-paying of creditors public hospital.

Finally, a few readers have asked about the pet name 'fat owl of the remove' for the sublime Akerman. It derives from the long out of fashion scribblings (a penny a word) from the pen of Frank Richards way back when. You can google him and find out more about Billy Bunter's love of tuck. Actually he's more fun to read than Piers Akerman, but sadly he's not in a position to be employed by the Daily Terror (second thoughts from beyond the grave he might have something more witty and cogent to say than the screeching fat owl. Yarooh garooar).

Update for those few that might actually care or give a heck: today, being lucky, especially seeing as how I'd rather actually chop off my hand than pay for a Murdoch rag, I picked up a copy of the Daily Terror for free, and just for a lark read the fat owl's column in actual newsprint form. But damned if I could find his lines about the Berlin Wall and Marxists in universities. So perplexed I read the column three times. Hairdresser couldn't understand why my hair had suddenly gone stark white. Sure enough some kindly sub had removed the rant element that made sure the fat owl sounded like a raving, cawing loon. But it's still there on line. Go figure. 

Maybe someone in there figured that the fat owl's cry for freedom and to hell with censorship should be punished with a bit of choice pruning. Now I'm really concerned for all the Daily Terror readers who won't understand that it's the Marxists in the universities and their theories who've produced this global depression. (I also believe cuckoo clocks and chocolate explain the mental instability prevalent in people in Switzerland).


Nick D said...

It should stick in the craw of the loons that the grand-dadday neo Ronnie Raygun ran up the sort of deficit that only socialists and commies would surely dare. And that Howard and Costello taxed and spent exponentially beyond what even the evil Darth Whitlam could have imagined.

Now the batteries are flat in the great debt dildo, you wonder if the Howard battlers are realising that the Coalition miracle of the past decade was only in getting away with flick-passing the cost of everything onto households, and off government and business.

Actually your other column ties in nicely. You can be a happy clappy capitalist and at the same time think the neos are loons. Who said they speak for the capitalist masses? They're the fundamentalists in the great capitalist church.

dorothy parker said...

Hey Nick, "the great debt dildo"? Where's your blog? The world needs this kind of poetry!!

"Happy clappy capitalists ... Fundamentalists in the great capitalist church". I can clap my hands to that!

And you showed me how hemiplegia was the way of the world! Or at least half of it (funny how my left eye is strongest when I get out the trusty .303 and so have to shoot cack handed off the left shoulder. I notice Obama is left handed as well. What does it all mean? Something sinister going on here?)

Nick D said...

Ah, my blog is infinitely less interesting than yours, it's more an online stream of unconsciousness where I figure out which way is up. But if you ever get truly bored it's at:

Sinister, left-handedness, I remember some leftie explaining the etymology to me (and there was a lovely twist with 'cacky-handedness' too, something about Egyptians and no toilet paper, but the guy might have been pissed).