Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Peter Costello, Media Spin, True Believers and Peter's Letter to the Melburnians

Over at The Sydney Morning Herald, the Hon. Peter Costello, still apparently and for mysterious reasons, the member for Higgins and occasional newspaper columnist, delivers a standard snarky, smarmy, smirky response to the Ruddster's stick-poking antics and ahistorical polemics with an indignant You spin us right round kevin right round.

To balance the sight of these two Christians abusing each other and arguing over history and budgets (and how Costello, with the power of god, was right), can I quote from Peter's historic message to the Melburnians on Australia Day.

As we look back over hundreds of years of Australian history, we can still see the benefits of God to us in this country ... (black folk should be particularly grateful, thanks be to god).

One of the things that has been absolutely central to the development of Australia and the foundation of our society is that Biblical heritage, the heritage that we have through Scriptures, and through the Ten Commandments, respect for our Maker, respect for our fellow citizens, respect for property, respect for the laws that God has laid down. That's been the foundation of our society. It's been the basis of our peaceful tolerance of each other and of order ... (You know, like o possum, go try to kill yourself and see if I care).

If we walk away from those God given commandments, then we as a society will be threatened with the breakdown of that order, will be threatened with losing our heritage and loosing opportunity (sic). So I want to say to you, those that are praying for Australia today, to pray that this nation will always remember its foundations, and always be true to them, and always live according to those laws. (Remember Marxists are waiting to crucify you like the Romans did to Christ).

There are many people today that are telling us that religion is all a lot of superstition, that the laws have been laid down, of respect for individuals, property and for our creator are all a load of nonsense, that don't respect life. If we fall for that trap, if Australia falls for that trap then the very basis of our society and its order will be threatened. That's why we need Christian people to pray for our country, we will never understand the way in which God moves. But we know that if his people pray, He will hear that they will be a light to the nation and the nation will be covered and protected by God ...

So they prayed mightily, and moved by their prayers, god heard them, and he moved (mysteriously and in a non-standard, non -understandable way), and so the people elected Kevin Rudd, and his wretched mob of socialists, and dumped the pious and ever so popular Costello and Howard. 

Gee, I don't think we'll ever understand the ways in which god moves, but somehow I reckon his mysterious moves were right and true and just this time at least. Don't you Mr Costello? How else to understand what you're saying in your own mysterious way? I feel so comforted knowing that the nation is covered and protected by god, under the rule of the Ruddster ...

Welcome to loon pond. It gets a tad cold in winter, but I'm sure you'll settle right in.

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