Monday, January 19, 2009

Piers Akerman, Climate Change, Hot Air, the new Ice Age, and Pravda

You can't keep a good global warmer denier down, and you can always rely on Piers Akerman, aka the fat owl of the Remove, to take a firm stand on the future on the planet.

In his most recent tirade, Greenhouse gas or just a load of hot air, the fat owl gets out the whip to make sure that global warming denier Barnaby Joyce is respected, compromising opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull is given a fair hearing, and liberal sell outs like Christopher Pyne are given a good lashing as they get into bed with the Greens and that anti-Christ Satanist Bob Brown.

You see, the fat owl has the good word that the world isn't warming, it's actually facing a disastrous ice age which will continue for the next 100,000 years. His source for the finding: wait for it, drum roll, "the Russian newspaper Pravda". And what detail does the fat owl provide as to this amazing scientific discovery? Pravda says "there is a 'large and compelling body of evidence from within the field of climate science' which shows the Earth is 'now on the brink of entering another Ice Age'".

But at that point the fat owl, evidently tired from his exertion, feels no need to go into the why, the wherefore, the how or what of this amazing discovery. Too much science only clouds the brain, and you need what little space is left to conjugate the gerund in Latin. Still, he does manage a joke, to say that we'd all be smarter listening to the former Reds than the Greens.

Oh brave new world, that Akerman could turn to Pravda for his scientific certitudes, and ignore any number of credible competing sources of information. George Orwell couldn't wish for more. 

Why is it that each time I read Akerman I feel a little more of my brain dribbling into the ether, or outer space? Could reading the Daily Terror lead to permanent brain damage? I guess only time will tell, but how brave we scientific pioneers are to experiment on ourselves in this way. Even Pasteur had his doubts about self-injection to prove his serums worked, but on we go, injecting the toxic Akerman and not worrying about ways to achieve immunity. Perhaps chocolate doughnuts offer a cure. Ah well, I don't expect the answer in Pravda, so maybe it can be found in Krispy Kreme.


Nick D said...

Actually an ice age is one of the likely scenarios of a warming planet. So Piers kicked an own goal.

dorothy parker said...

He dribbles, he shoots, he scores. Yes Nick, own goal it is. What irritated me is the way he could pluck out of Pravda a few lines to support his own argument, as if that and a feeble joke were enough. A high school student would have been abused up hill and over dale for such sloppy writing and thinking.

Nick D said...

More power to you. I enjoy watching the fatman on Insiders, where he provides 'balance' to those commies at the ABC. Isn't it a hoot how the loons prattle on endlessly about bias and balance, all the while parading their stupendous hemiplegia - you can imagine them expunging 'left' from their car GPS unit options.

Incidentally, the loons spent the past decade and a bit lashing every other commentator in the land as the 'commentariat', out of touch with the masses, who they rose to defend. Are they the new commentariat now that the great unwashed have swerved inexplicably over to the socialists?