Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miranda Devine, Frank Sartor and the Napoleonic Lust for Power

Miranda the Devine is baaaack! And all play and no work makes for a feisty return to form.

How else to explain an article headed Frankly, the best option is Sartor. You see in these perilous times Miranda thinks Frank Sartor should become premier of NSW. He's determinedly non-ideological, he hates unions and the party machine doesn't trust him.

Miranda does note a minor problem - "he is said to be unpopular with the public". Well as she understands, that's just hooey. When has popularity with voters ever been an issue for state Labor, or democracy a requirement for right wing commentators?

You have to wonder whether Nathan Rees suggested Miranda write her column this way. If Miranda the Devine is backing Frank Sartor, it's a bit like Medusa making out with Poseidon. You have to think terrible things might befall Frank, and no, it's not just a wog thing Frank, it's your Napoleonic tendencies, first on view when you became mayor. As a bonus now, the wrong people clearly like you, and grumbling about a back bench salary isn't the way to endear yourself to the voters in these troubled times.

"It's time to bring in the kamikaze", suggests the good Devine. What an admirable fighter pilot she makes. Now can we just find a really good target for her, somewhere far out to sea. Maybe she can find out what really happened to Flight 19 ...

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