Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jim Wallace, Overseas Aid, Abortion, the killing fields and western values

Jim Wallace, managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby (whatever that might be) is at it again, and this time he's found a home in The Age with Life means something.

Funny - I thought life meant nothing, that you could bomb the shit out of a towel head as a way of converting him to democracy, and his death would be just one of those accidental casualties of war we all regret for a moment before moving along. But then I never trained as a professional paid killer (solidare in Latin meaning 'to pay'), even if the vast majority happily never get to fire a shot in anger or kill someone. (Turns out Jim Wallace has some form, as he's tagged a retired Brigadier and former commander of the SAS).

Poor Jim is very upset that Obama has overturned the previous regime's ban on the use of overseas aid to fund abortion services, and Jim is very anxious the current Australian government might follow suit.

Well of course what the world, especially the developing world, needs is many more unwanted babies, so Jim and his legions of devoted, caring Christians can raise funds and set up orphanages to care for them, and teach them proper western values, which emphasise the value of life and the importance of never doing abortions, so that people can grow up happy and abundant in a spiritual way, not in a coarse consumerist materialist way, and, it almost goes without saying, in a Christian way, except of course when the western military bombs the shit out of them to teach them about proper western values. (Think of all those heathens and Islamics and wayward exotic Eastern religion babies who can be snatched away from their hapless mothers and pointed in the right direction!)

"People will argue that I'm just putting forward a Christian viewpoint on this issue and that it shouldn't be given undue weight". Correct weight Jim, couldn't have put it better myself.

Why don't you actually think for a moment Jim about giving women control of their bodies and a right to choose, and a right to use aid the way they see fit. Oh I know those wretches in under developed countries worship the west (maybe that's why they brought down the twin towers) and they're way too dumb to understand the nuances of debate about life and when it begins and what it all means. And they're way too dumb to be entrusted with control of their lives or their countries, since they mucked them up (but wait didn't Europe actually control Africa for a century or two and fuck it over comprehensively in search of loot and easy living? In a very Christian way of course.)

Twaddle, it seems, comes easily to former military men, it seems, especially one with a Christian bent. And the surging heart of colonialism, the picking up of the white man's burden, is always a duty in a world still remarkably addicted to Rudyard Kipling.

But I've got Jim in my mind's eye now - he's the major in Fawlty Towers. We need to keep him away from guns for fear of what he might do to atheist rats, and to women who have babies they can't care for, and to women who might want decent post-Christian contraception as a way of avoiding AIDS. 

No wonder developing countries are fucked.

Hmmm. Thinking I must set up the Australian Atheist Lobby and start writing some drivel. Clearly The Age will publish it, in just the same way as they publish Jim lad.

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