Sunday, January 18, 2009

Akerman, Joe Hockey, Barry O'Farrell and hitting pansies where it hurts

Here's a first - righteous Piers Akerman manages to get through an entire article, Polls favour O'Farrell, without using adjectives that include Balmain, cafe latte drinkers, chardonnay swillers, or poofter Herald readers (well you know what I mean).

Instead the fat owl spends an entire column being sensible about the push for Joe Hockey to replace Barry O'Farrell at a time when all the state Liberals have to do is turn up to the elections two years hence to smash state Labor out of office for at least two electoral cycles.

There must be a brain in there somewhere, it's just a pity it's usually befuddled with cheap shots and low blows that turn the fat owl of the Remove into Billy Bunter trying to be Mike Tyson in ear-biting mode. Well one column without sustained personal abuse - he is writing about his friends the Libs after all - doesn't mean the worm has turned, so we can cheerfully anticipate a return to form in the next one. Come on Piers, back to throwing that left hook into the balls of the pansies and bleeding hearts.

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