Thursday, January 8, 2009

Akerman, Israel, Hamas and the Killing of Kids

The fat owl of the remove, aka Piers Akerman, hate filled emoter for the tabloid Daily Telegraph, is at it again in his blog with "Hamas feeding kids a TV diet of hatred".

Akerman has such a tilt in his views that it's a wonder he can stand upright, let alone toddle off to lunch after spewing his bile.

There's no need to recite anything in his column or debate it - it's at the usual "four legs good, two legs baaad" standard. What's more disturbing is the level of comment he incites, but we won't go there either.

The situation in the Middle East is bad enough, but you have to think the kind of cheer leading Akerman indulges in is as bad and irrational as the behavior of the key participants. Let's not rehearse that sorry history - since the stupidity of Zionism is equally matched by the fundamentalist stupidity of Islam (no more so than in our noble ally Saudi Arabia) - but the defensive blather Akerman is forced to use to explain just how the killing of children is a good and noble thing which will help sort out the mess is the sort of sorry and stupid thinking that will lead to the perpetuation of the mess.

Where are the moderates in all this? Crushed to death by the likes of Akerman, at least in his powerful mind. Everybody involved should be made to sit down and watch Bill Maher's Religulous before going off to fight and die, and incidentally take a lot of innocent bystanders with them into the void. Akerman would also benefit from watching the film as Maher is even-handed in taking down all kinds of fundamentalist stupidity. The film is a cornucopia of loon watching.

Alternatively, why doesn't the extremely gruntled chappie just go off and settle into some tuck. Yarooh, I say, what a ghastly beast.

By the way, what fun that Keith Windschuttle was taken to the cleaners by a prank, well discovered by Crikey and then well covered by many others. The poor thing did his best as the lance pierced his bladder and he writhed on the ground, but every utterance, excuse and feeble defence made him sound like an earthworm stretched out for review. "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! He chortled in his joy." Delicious.

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