Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paul Kent, Aussie Thugs, Flag Waving, Black Mischief, Akerman, Albrechtsen and the Islamics

A quiet day for the loons down on loon pond, perhaps reflecting the exhaustion induced by a wildly exciting nationalistic jingoistic round of Australia Day celebrations.

Over at The Daily Terror poor old Paul Kent seems to think that Thugs ruined our national day. He doesn't seem to have caught up with the message delivered by Piers Akerman (with footnotes and references, such an intellectual) that as usual it was the blacks and disastrous welfare policies and Mick Dodson, black activist, being named Australian of the Year that ruined the souffle.

Kent rails at clueless, drunken mobs clutching at the Australian flag and rampaging through the streets. He moans that it's become a fashion accessory, a cape for alter-egos: "Our flag is their uniform. Their Southern Cross tattoos the going standard for patriotism. You disapprove, then you just don't get it."

On and on he rants, but fortunately none of this has anything to do with racism or with the Cronulla riots or wog bashing or the mentality of the Shire and the Bra Boys seeping through the land. No, for an explanation, Kent turns to that informed plod Manly Superintendent Dave Darcy - Manly being such an exemplary example of rioting youths put under a firm hand.

Now a few cynics might think the brazen new loonish right wing behavior might have had something to do with the brazen dog whistling done by John Howard during his long reign - you know the 'we will decide who comes here' stuff echoed by loons ranting 'we grew here, you flew here' (not to mention the quiet embrace of Pauline Hansonism when it suited) 

Howard on occasions fancied himself as the new Captain Francis de Groot, slashing ribbons before the pinkos and the Commies and the Pacific Islanders and the Islamists got a chance to do their thing.

But no - no simple minded explanations for Supt Darcy. It's all the fault of public education, started way back in 1988 when the muted bicentennial celebrations revealed a growing apathy for Australia Day. "From there a deliberate effort was made in schools to recognise and celebrate, the results now coming through".

And in 1988, who was in charge? That's right. Bloody Bob Hawke and his stupid cheering on of Alan Bond and the boxing kangaroo. It's all his fault, these bloody louts and racist vandals. And the teachers, don't forget the bloody stupid pinko teachers and their stupid union.

Phew, for a moment, I thought things like, y'know, linking the funding of public schools to their willingness to own and hoist a flag outside their schools on a daily basis reflected a certain attitude. Y'know, like that prime doufus Brendan Nelson being keen we all sing our wretched anthem and raise our wretched, half-baked colonial flag with a dash of England in the corner.

Why it wasn't so long ago (only back in 2006) that the airheaded Julie Bishop was saying "every morning when I was at primary school we sang the national anthem and raised the school flag and it was something that I remember with some fondness. As I travel around Australia and visit schools the children seem to share that same pride in singing the anthem and putting up the flag. I think it's a wonderful thing".

And so it is. Drape it around your neck, drop a few stubbies - the right of every Australian, man woman and child - and go out on the street to hound and harass. What could be more right, more Aussie, more oi oi oi than that. Yep, when it comes to sociological analysis you can rely on The Daily Terror's tabloid insights to set you on the straight and narrow.

Kent even links to Piers Akerman's "Australia Day debate" in which the fat owl of the remove clearly establishes that life was so tough for the blacks (no fish, no game, drought cycles, storms and cyclones) it was inevitable that once the whities arrived, the blacks would sit down and become dole bludgers. After all "There was more to life than sitting on a beach shucking oysters - little wonder that food provided by missions at station owners was so attractive".

Okay a typo makes that somewhat incoherent (more Akermanish than usual) but you get the picture. It was dem blacks coming to massa in search of watermelons that brings us the pickl we all currently in. What a chenius, what an intellectual our Akerman is. Still he stops short of making Australia Day 'bash a black' day. I guess he wants to keep it an unofficial amateur sport untainted by professionalism or competence.

By the bye, what Akerman and his use of the willow against dole bludging blacks has to do with rioting white youths is a little beyond me, but there you go.

Anyway, it seems we can no longer to to the cricket - you know, it's just too risky, with every good chance that louts like Andrew Symonds will call you a shit, and knock you down like a pansy dressed in tutus in a Schweppes lemonade-lover commercial. Oh sorry, newsflash, it's actually the rampaging thugs in the crowd that's the problem, not that bunch of bloody losers who couldn't beat South Africa, even if the overthrow of the Mugabe regime hinged on the result.

Over at The Australian Janet Albrechtsen embarks on an extensive rant about Caving in to Islamists.

Let's face it, the main problem in Australia, once you get past the dole-bludging blacks, is the presence of Islamists. For a start, angry youths like to attack Islamics, and whose fault is that? Clearly the Islamics for turning up, with their yowling and their weird praying and their beards and their strange dress sense (like black and all over).

Yep, Albrechtsen knows where the problem is and it's with those pansied Dutch judges who let the Islamics get away with it.

It's all very predictable stuff, about thought police and so on. Before you think I'm on the side of Islamic oppression of ideas (since all religions introduce an instant phobia in me, whether scientological, thetan, christian, jewish, buddhist, hindu or baha'i), and while it's tempting to get on the side of Islamic clerics because anything Albrechtsen rants about contains so many distortions, half truths and wild loonish prejudices, I do think it's wonderful that the dear old possum is in favor of hate speech, and stirring up trouble, all in the valiant cause of seeking truth (in much the same way as our dear leader Adolph Hitler sought the truth at every opportunity. Did I mention we had German genes in the family?)

No, no, what I want to see from Albrechtsen is a full on rant savaging the Holy Roman Church, and for example its recent dance with the fiercely anti-semitic mob who believe in the Latin mass and hold the Jews responsible for killing Christ. Worse, mainstream Catholics, currently, right now, as we go about our daily business, are involved in the malicious, mendacious business of spreading lies and follies worse than the idea of Santa Claus in their private education system, indoctrinating our children and ruining young minds, supported by the government and by Christians like Kevin Rudd! Right here, right now, in Oorstraylia!

And when she's done that, how about a rant about Stephen Conroy, who after all is the new Kevin Andrews, and who is quietly and calmly going about the business of filtering the internet in ways that make Dutch Islamists look like kindergarten students. Y'know, to block all the pornography that upsets Islamic and Christian fundamentalists (not to mention the odd political idea that might upset politicians).

But no the sweet possum is only worried about our vilification laws, so she won't mind if I call her a cackleminded dunderheard. All in the interests of free speech and deeper insights. Meantime, she really needs to get over her obsession with Islamics and right wing Dutch loons.

The one thing you can say about fundamentalists and extremists is that they're desperate to abuse each other, and to preserve the right to abuse each other, and in the process they tear apart any moderating forces in the land. 

John Howard and his wild young things stalking the streets are just one example. 

Fundie Janet v fundie Islamic in a nitro charged night on the mat promising smackdown thunder might sell a few tickets (or a few papers) but really just delivers bigotry and righteousness.

My solution? Nuke them all and let Xenu sort it out.

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