Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Janet Albrechtsen, Piers Akerman, and the noble Aussie sport of black bashing

Poor old Mick Dodson, that black Irish bastard so unloved by Gerard Henderson, has brought out the hounds in force by suggesting Australia Day might be moved because it's associated with the first landing.

Golly, with that kind of thinking, he might bring down the whole fabric of society.

Over at The Australian (proudly owned by an American) Janet Albrechtsen has the snot well and truly up her nose. "An ungracious winner" she sniffs in Dodson proves an ungracious winner. Why don't these vexatious blacks lie down and take it. We all know that "For most Australians, that day marks the beginning of a nation built on the rule of law and parliamentary sovereignty."

Guess it's only a few Australians who actually read Australian history, and thereby realise that when the poms arrived they were setting up a penal colony, built on class law and class punishment, designed to torment the poor, the differently religious and the bloody vexatious Irish. I know it's fashionable these days to boast of a convict first fleeter connection, but to lecture Dodson about Australian history, and then to change it within the breath, takes a profound arrogance only Albrechtsen could muster. She really is trying hard for the Ann Coulter award for colonial capering ... or a hundred lashes for being dumbly insubordinate.

Over at The Daily Terror, the fat owl of the remove aka Piers Akerman keeps up with the black bashing of his colleagues with Let's talk about the realities Mr Dodson.

The fat owl does his level best to prove that there was no Roussau-like idyll in Australia, no noble savage myth, before the noble white man came to save the black man from his struggle to survive (because life wasn't meant to be easy). 

There's nothing like the sight of a fat owl venting his spleen about the vexatious blacks before heading off to the tuck shop to get his tuck, a hard day's typing done.

The punchline? Somehow all this links to welfare dependency, the ultimate refusal of blacks to work for and be screwed (without benefit of vaseline) by the likes of Vesty, the ALP, and there being more to life than sitting on a beach shucking oysters. The pesky blacks have to get off their arses and work for a living - you don't get doughnuts by sitting around when there's the urgent need to put distorted, half-arsed history into newsprint.

Who'd want to be a black in Australia today? Especially when confronted by the likes of intellectuals (sic) like Akerman ...

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