Saturday, January 10, 2009

Duffy, Withdrawal and the Land of the Lotus Eaters.

What to say? No Duffy online, and stuck in Melbourne in company with the fiendishly left wing The Age, no way to check if the dear boy actually hit the hard copy broadsheet, which of course is black banned for its sundry misdeeds and can't be purchased under any circumstances at air freight laden cost.

Off to the Duffy blog to check if perhaps he did a little blogging there, and see that the last entry was December 10th in the rapidly fading year of the rat, and at that was all about how to find good coffee in Sydney (striking a note that sounded suspiciously like an eastern Sydney liberal lost in the wilds of Campbelltown).

Is this how it ends, not with a bang but with a whimper, lost in the land of the lotus eaters, with not one cause to celebrate - not even when the state government begins to mutter about long lines of metros about which developers will mount multi story buildings to pack in the rats. Surely this is a cause dear to the Duffster's heart, a major urban tragedy waiting in the wings as we begin to turn Sydney into Gotham.

Off to Tim Blair, and all he's got is a bit of nonsense about PETA being totally stupid about dolphins or porpoises or whales or whatever. Suddenly Blair is sounding rational and funny.

No ratbags in The Australian mouthing off about the imminent decline and fall of western civilisation, nothing else in the SMH, apart from David Marr having excellent, pie-throwing fun at Windschuttle's expense.

At this rate, how long before Rome falls? I guess it's off into the wilds of Melbourne to find out, but one thing's certain - just as Marr observes that Quadrant is no New York Review of Books, so we can say with absolute certainty that Melbourne is no New York. Not even Sydney, you wretched wind blown, mud brown Yarra dwelling possums.

January is the cruellest month of all. A terrorist could mount a strike in this fair vacationing land and no one would notice, unless it happened to involve a story about shark attacks, sun burn or maybe a rogue crocodile run rampant up north.

Could it be that all that right wing ranting and fear-laden drivel has no effect? Say it isn't so, this is just an aberration, a moment designed to instil more fear. Come back Duffster, no holiday for you. We need you. Otherwise we're just a mote on a small planet circling on the edge of the Milky Way, a void in search of meaning.


Nick D said...

You always entertain.

We need something about the fabulous economic boom times of the Howard years, the fruits of which we're all mightily enjoying right now.

dorothy parker said...

thanks Nick, pleased it's entertaining, though it's mainly therapy for me. So many loons, so little time.
And there's little Johnnie getting a medal for freedom - how's that for a reward for the mess in Iraq? You're right, better to laugh than to cry.