Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Greg Sheridan, Rockets and Parrots

Briefly, an honorable mention for the wretched Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor of The Australian, for his story Stopping the rockets a necessity. It's all about how the current Israeli action is about stopping the rockets because of all the damage they might do (well Sheridan has to speculate about future damage because they've done bugger all to date). Why they might even set off a nuclear warhead or two.

The Middle East is a quagmire, but the mindless cheer squad that sees death and destruction and a reconstruction of the Warsaw Ghetto in Gaza as a viable solution always manages to amaze. Hopefully better minds are working on a solution that doesn't involve parroting the lines of one of the parties when both are at fault. 

Nice try Greg, but no cigar. We have to disbar you (and Andrew Bolt) from the 'loon of the week' competition because you're already in the pantheon. But thanks for reminding me of Oscar Wilde's lovely story about a remarkable rocket that makes a lot of noise before it falls down as a stick on the back of a goose. I'm just not sure if you're the rocket, the stick or the goose.

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