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Tim Blair, the tribe of Blair-ites, Wogs, and the un-PC joy of a waggish wog-baiting bogus bogan

News that the notorious "wog" girl is a fake inspired me to trawl back through Tim Blair's postings about his "girl of the week".

First if you want to catch up on the state of the sorry saga, you can go to Chk Chk Checked at Blair's blog. Or if you want the Sunday Telegraph's gleeful run down you can go to Chk-chk-boom chick made it all up.

Or you if you don't want to go there, because it only eggs them on, you can get the more sedate version in the Herald: Bogus bogan exposed: top cop disarms cult of 'chk chk boom'.

But if you can't be bothered, the storm in a teacup is about a woman Clare Werbeloff, who became a fifteen minutes of fame tabloid sensation, big enough to earn a gig with Channel Nine to explain that she lied when she said she'd witnessed a shooting in the streets of Kings Cross involving a couple of wogs.

Gee, can I get fifteen minutes of fame for creating a public mischief and lying about what I didn't see? How about I talk about a couple of dumb fuck skippies being involved? After all, there's so many things I haven't seen, but I sure do read a lot about the doings of dumb fuck skippies.

But why the tabloid fame, largely driven by the Daily Telegraph and Network Nine and outsourcing the stuff to YouTube? You know, because she knew a wog when she saw a wog, and she called a wog as she saw a wog. Not that there's anything culturally offensive about that (as opposed to racist, since race deals with ... well race ... whereas wog deals with ethnicity, and there's plenty of wogs around to fill that bill. Except of course wog started as racist in the British mind, and went on to suit "the other" for those inclined to view the world through prejudiced, jaundiced eyes).

Way back last Friday May 22nd 09 the pack of feral Blair-ites were having a fine old time with the notion of wogs, chortling into their pints of beer:

Gold chain, check.
Tatts. check
Blunt Razor, check.

Now that’s a wog.

Hmm, bigotry, check.
Prejudice, check.
Dumb sensa huma, check.

Now that's a skip.

Oh, one other note.

Don’t forget shaved bowl haircut. Stereotype = reality…

Talk about laugh. I almost joined the army and got a shaved bowl haircut.

How's this for a joke:

Aww! I’nit sad the poor victim who got shot ‘inall gets less interest than some girl who makes fun of ‘is (alleged) ethnictity. Hey champ DID you sleep with your Bro’s girl?

But now we get on to the really funny stuff. The guys who were punk'd and pwned by taking it for real:

Hahah, he thinks clare has no brains? Has he taken a good look at himself?

She was just telling it like it was - a reflection of how this idiot and a the majority of his fellow ‘wogs’ behave.

Clare spoke the truth unlike most people today who are so politically correct they’d rather turn a blind eye the the facts for fear of being called racist, Clare just repeated what she saw and heard, their words not hers.

I don’t find much comfort in the fact neanderthals like this mug walk our streets shooting each other.


Well said - seems it’s far easier to shoot the messenger (pardon the pun).

Or beat up on a young woman who had the gall to speak the truth. As usual all ‘progressives’ are capable of displaying is their rank misogynist hypocrisy.

There’s something a bit Miss California about it all.

Well she certainly had some gall, you dummies, about as much gall as Carrie Prejean had in getting a boob job and posing for nude photos and lying about it. What a pair of pwned losers with their blather about hypocrisy and progressives and the politically correct. 

How about a poofter joke to pass the time? Sure, anything to oblige:

The bloke who shot Kallu was mad that he bonked his cousin.

Having studied the photos of Kallu, and noted the features that have been observed above (manicured boy band beard etc), I am wondering thusly:

Was the said cousin male or female?

Laugh? Ah those wog poofters, what cards they are. Why I laughed until I upchucked.

What about some insights into parenting? Always ready at Blair's blog for some action:

Dude looks like a sheik’s son back from trolling a strip club.

If my daughter came home with a specimen like that I’d take a long hard look in the mirror and ask myself what I did wrong.

Like become a parent? And then inflict yourself on your daughter?

Even on the Saturday the Blair commentariat were still getting their rocks off and having their jollies poking fun at a hapless woman using big words in an academic way to bemoan the jolly jape amongst chums:

I suppose it would have been fine if she’d called one a f’kin’ fat c and the other a f’kin’ skinny c. No problem with that language.

But wog?

Oh, my! That’s foul mouthed.

These people are truly idiots.

And Casey’s dissertation… what a crock of gobbledygook.

(Oh sh**, can I say gobbledygook? Or is that niggardly?)

Niggardly? Get it? Gook? Get it? Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more. What a card, what a clown you are contributor kae. Just like that other adept social historian's contribution:

In hindsight Clare simply should not have used the word “wog”. It would have been far more respectful if she had thought of some other form of racial description for the two dagoes.

Not that any of the commentariat are phased today by the news that the eyewitness account was bogus. After all it was all just a hoot and a chance for a bit of harmless wog bashing.

She turns out to be a liar, but we label this as “truthiness”, as lefties have done in similar situations.

Besides, she’s still hawt. Like Bruce, I want to see her new tattoo

Meantime, apparently there's been some 300,000 people watch the "fat wog" shooting the "skinny wog" video, 15,000 had joined fan sites on Facebook, and 750 people have joined a hate site on Facebook.

Yawn, so these are the intertubes days of our lives. And Tim Blair has done his job, boosting his hits, and feeding the chooks who are his fans. I guess it's a living but not much of a one. Let one of his commentariat have the final word:

So, she’s a journalist then. They make s**t up all the time.

By the way, if you've ever wondered about the origins of the word "wog" and the relevance of "golliwoggs", there's an interesting explanation at a site run by a Bill Casselman, which you can find here.

His opening paragraph might whet your interest:

Wog is a vile, vulgar, racist slur popularized and first used in England. The little, frizzy-haired, orange dude in the title of today’s column (above) is an actual illustration from one of the Golliwogg books. He is, so-to-speak, the first wog. But more of that later. The best known sentence employing this put-down brims with political irony: “The wogs begin at Calais.” George Wigg, a Labour party MP, said it in 1945 to characterize and satirize the attitude of British Tories to foreigners. Calais was and sometimes still is the first port of France that a vacationing Brit encounters when venturing into continental Europe. The sentiment made the British laugh and fitted their racism perfectly, with its implication that all non-British persons in the world constituted “a bunch of bloody wogs.”

(Below: Casselman's illustration for his piece).

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