Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tim Andrews, Young Conservative Women, Ayn Rand and the PJ O'Rourke bodacious babe way forward

(Above: Atlas still shrugs for young conservative women).

Right after musing about Miranda the Devine's anxiety attack about the state and status of men in this woeful modern age - especially hapless boofhead thugby league players earning squillions a year as gladiatorial entertainers - what should greet my ears on the radio but that harping harridan Pru Goward, ostensibly the Liberal member for Goulburn in the state parliament  of NSW, but deep down clearly still a bit of a feminist.

And we know what that means.

She was taking a swing at Tim Andrews for putting some young bodacious conservative libertarian babes up on the intertubes, there to be gawked at by passers by.

Tim, apparently a prominent NSW Liberal student activist, charismatic and powerful, and off learning the political business in Washington DC, has been getting plenty of hits for his blog, but it seems there has been a temporary disruption of service (you can catch his blog here):

Temporarily took yesterday’s light-hearted post down. Sorry. I’ll put an updated version up (including all the new photos that everyone has been inundating me with!) soon. Essentially before it goes up, to place it into context, I need to finish my analysis on what the response I’ve received says about Australian society and culture, the Australian media, and also politics in the web 2.0 age – but as a social experiment this really has worked beyond my wildest dreams!

Ah, it was just a jolly jape amongst chums. Or is that a deep sociological study of prudish hysteria about feminists emasculating men, and yearning for the old days of chivalry, as penned by the likes of Miranda Devine?

Never mind, in the way the intertubes works - crammed so full it's overflowing - a kindly site has re-mounted Tim's post about his angels, together with a slide show, and his bodacious babe theory of politics. You can catch the whole thing in all its glory at Vexnews.

After moaning about how glum the conservative/libertarian side of the fence is at the moment, and the bleakness and the Ruddstra's fiscal vandalism, Tim feels a surging sense of hope rising in his manly young loins:

... there is reason for hope! For optimism! Definite proof that here in Australia we shall triumph!

How do I know this? Easy – the Babe Theory Of Politics. To put it simply – we have all the hot girls.

The Babe Theory of Politics was first articulated by PJ O’Rourke in
Parliament of Whores:

“Best of all, there were hardly any beautiful women at the [Housing Now!] rally. I saw a journalist friend of mine in the Mall, and he and I pursued this line of inquiry as assiduously as our happy private lives allow. Practically every female at the march was a bowser. “We’re not being sexist here,” my friend insisted. “It’s not that looks matter per se. It’s just that beautiful women are always on the cutting edge of social trends. Remember how many beautiful women were in the anti-war movement twenty years ago? In the yoga classes fifteen years ago? At the discos ten years ago? On Wall Street five years ago? Where the beautiful women are is where the country is headed,” said my friend. “And this,” he looked around him, “isn’t it.”

Essentially, what this theory states is that“Where and when there are hot babes, an exponential number of men will show up. If 100 cute girls with voluptuous bodies are protesting for freedom, you can count on a thousand men being there as well. If sexy babes are involved in a peaceful political movement, it has a far greater chance of succeeding. If there are no good-looking women involved, the odds of a successful (and peaceful) movement fall dramatically.”

Ah well, it's all innocuous fun, and Tim hardly deserves a spanking from Prue Goward, provided he obtained the permission of the women involved to put their images up on the intertubes, and thereby make them fodder for unscrupulous, cackling bloggers, all of course as part of an in depth sociological study of PJ O'Rourke's babe theory in direct political action.

I suppose  it's also Tim's way of demonstrating that chivalry is not dead, that noble knights will still cherish sweet young libertarians, and that feminism will be routed by rutting Liberals.

Personally I have only one concern - given that you can expect Liberals to go on breeding as a devious strategy to get the numbers and thereby get back on top - and that's the images of the sweet young things showing their preferred reading matter.

Ayn Rand! Dear lordy, do people still read that half-baked, meretricious, badly written, lumpen, sodden, objectivist pile of monomaniacal tripe? I mean, you expect it of dumb developers and IT geeks, who want to be Superman because they can't get rid of their pimples, but young Liberal women?

I suppose when you're young it's your duty to read widely. But I do hope they go on to read a bit of Dickens. At least he could write ...

As for the rest of the pictures, they are in fact entirely harmless, and I couldn't resist providing just a few samples to show how innocuous images these days can conjure up a firestorm in a tea cup. Especially as a recovering and defiant Tim now says he's going to put them up again, and mount lots more photos that have been flooding into his mail box. Go you foxy young libertarian conservative things, flaunt it.

For the sweet young things are indeed bodacious, and they might well suggest PJ O'Rourke is a visionary theorist. If it weren't for that pesky business about gay marriage still being illegal, I might swing that way myself, and start voting Liberal ... 

Meantime, if you're a man and go out with a Liberal babe, and if they flourish a copy of an Ayn Rand book, here's a dating tip. First quote Ayn Rand:

For a woman qua woman, the essence of femininity is hero-worship—the desire to look up to man.

Then with a charming smile, look deep into her eyes, and say:

Tonight's your lucky night. Worship me babe.

Then if you get the flick, shout after her departing figure:

Ayn Rand is dead. So, incidentally, is the philosophy she sought to launch dead; it was in fact stillborn. William F. Buckley, National Review!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, Ayn Rand..

I find it amusing that the far-right in the US have latched onto Rands objectivism yet seem to skip her stance on church and state, which, as far as I'm concerned, was the only intelligent thought she ever expressed.

dorothy parker said...

Well she did help give the world King Vidor's film The Fountainhead (screenplay Ayn Rand based on an Ayn Rand novel), as befuddled and dumb a melodrama as has ever hit the screen, and blessed with a Max Steiner score along with Gary Cooper as the heroic architect Roark.

Rand demanded that the entire speech that Howard Roark makes in the novel be transcribed exactly to the film. There was a fussin' and a feudin' and infighting but the ponderous six minutes or thereabouts of the stolid Cooper delivering leaden thoughts in purple prose remains one of the longest and funniest speeches ever in a feature film. To this day, it remains a sublime pleasure and surreal hoot of the highest order ...

Ilago said...

Ayn Rand - aaaarrrrgggghhh!!!!