Saturday, February 21, 2009

Malcolm Holland, Migrants as Shark Fodder, and croc attack warning for NT migrants

There's nothing like a little gratuitous migrant bashing.

Our migrants come from places, like the UK or China, with no beach culture or knowledge of sharks beyond watching Jaws.

This sage observation from Malcolm Holland in a column Living in a watery jungle in the Daily Terror.

In response no doubt to two recent shark attacks - one on a Dover Heights man (a surfer who works for a surfing magazine) at Bondi beach, the most heavily regulated stretch of beach in the country, and another on a navy clearance diver off Woolloomooloo in Sydney Harbour.

Bloody migrants, time to learn the deep seated skills Aussies have when dealing with the demons of the deep, as shark numbers around the world plunge. 

Okay it doesn't make much sense but neither does Malcolm Holland, though he does win our 'recycling dog bites man' award, which is usually won hands down by the Northern Territory News with its once every week front page croc attack story (and if visiting the News please check out its gallery of monster crocs pics, supplied by croc loving readers). There's also sound advice on how not to attract crocs while treating fish humanely in Croc attack warning for 'catch and release' fish.

Where would the tabloids be without crocs and sharks? Off with Tim Blair? Bring on the crocs and the sharks. At least they just do what comes naturally, while Blair seems to have no idea eating people is wrong ...

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